Gro4u is located in a market that is continuously moving. Gro4u wants to take up a prominent position in this market.

  • Gro4u wants to serve its customers better in order to guarantee a discernible position for the products on the shelves. 
  • Gro4u wants to provide optimum certainty and service to its trading partners: high supply rates, maximum delivery reliability, high quality. 
  • Gro4u wants to increase the efficiency of the internal and external logistics by such measures as establishing a logistics centre at FloraHolland Naaldwijk. 
  • Gro4u wants to complete orders that demand added value – 'mono-plus bouquets' – collectively. 

These points lead to the following main objective: "Ensuring the continuity of member companies and growers’ associations by entering into strategic alliances with service retail and suppliers of service retail.”

Achieving these aims should enable Gro4u to position itself in the market as the leading growers’ group for service retail and other chain partners! 

The column above shows that Gro4u shortens the entire product column. This has many advantages for you! Through partnerships with growers’ associations Gro4u can reduce the product column. By working as an exporter on behalf of growers, flowers reach consumers quicker. In the greenhouse today and in your vase the day after tomorrow; this is our goal!